Types of DSC Required for Trademark Registration in India

Some documentation must be kept on hand to file a trademark application online. The Digital Signature Certificate is one of these papers (DSC). In this section, we will go over numerous practical advantages of utilizing DSC for a trademark application. Continue reading to discover about DSC for trademark registration.

What is DSC?

When forming a firm and filling out several compliance papers, you may have encountered the phrase Digital Signature Certificate, or DSC. The Digital Signature Certificate includes an electronically encrypted signature and a key that may be verified. This type of signature is necessary for a variety of e-filings. Said it is a standard signature in electronic form, with improved security and dependability.

In the case of trademark filing, an individual who already holds a Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) can utilize it to e-file a trademark application without having to get a new one.

Uses of DSC for Trademark Registration

There are surely some major uses of DSC for trademark registration. To utilize the online trademark filing system, you must have a valid digital signature certificate since the Information Technology (IT) Act of 2000 requires digital signatures on electronic documents to assure their security and legitimacy.

Obtaining a Class 3 DSC has been made required under the trade mark e-filing system. As a result, before registering a trademark, any individual, attorney, or agent must get a Class 3 DSC.

Someone may only make a trademark application with a Class 3 DSC; thus, you must choose this option. Similarly, Class 3 DSC provides the highest degree of protection and has a validity period of 1-3 years. The DSC must be renewed after this period.

Advantages of Utilizing a DSC

·         It is incredibly safe since it is encrypted.

·         The confidentiality required for exchanging private information online is assured.

·         Because it is verifiable and unchangeable, it provides users with greater assurance and confidence.

Class 3 DSC for Trademark Registration

The provisions of the Trademark Act govern trademarks in our nation. Additionally, the Controller General’s Office of Patents, Designs, and Trademarks establish the rule for trademark applications. Moreover, the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion allows for an e-filing method. This simple technology provides a smooth trademark award via an easy-to-follow filing procedure.

The agency requires a Class 3 DSC for the trademark registration application. As a result, before beginning the registration procedure, any individual, agent, attorney, or company must get a Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate.

What are The Types of DSC?

DSCs for trademark registration are classified into two categories. They are as follows:

Class 1:

These certifications are issued after confirming that the subscriber’s information in the application does not conflict with data from any well-known consumer database. They are only an online confirmation of identification and are only sometimes acknowledged by government agencies.

Class 3:

Class 3 DSC provides the most significant security since a person must identify themselves before a Registration Authority (RA) and confirm their identity before the DSC

If your primary goal is to register a trademark, it is recommended that you obtain a Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate.

Aside from trademark applications, Class 3 DSC can be used for numerous purposes, including:

Tendering: A Class 3 DSC can be used to apply for online tenders, electronic auctions, and other financial events that take place on the internet.

Agency Services: Any agency ordering tickets on an individual’s behalf can also utilize the Class 3 DSC.

Points to Remember While Opting for DSC

There are some points that one needs to remember while opting for DSC for trademark registration. They are-

·         An applicant with DSC for business filing does not need to get a second DSC for trademark filing.

·         A single DSC provided to a single application cannot be used to generate multiple user IDs using a single signature. DSC is defined as a device whose use is restricted to its owner exclusively. As a result, it cannot be delegated to others to file e-forms or sign web-based documents. The accountability of the DSC’s owner is to maintain its integrity.

·         Class 3 DSC is useful when the applicant must submit and sign sensitive documents and forms, such as a patent application or trademark registration.



The Indian government has enforced the use of DSC to strengthen the online information given by applicants who file government-based applications. Most government-driven outlets and organizations are now utilizing DSC to ensure the security of submitting operations if you cannot obtain a Class 3 DSC for trademark registration.

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