These days’ educational institutions are seeing value in incorporating technology into their operations so that they can devote their time and efforts in important activities rather than in operational tasks. Most of the students, parents and teachers are becoming tech-savvy and looking forward to a digitized experience when they join a school or college.

To meet the demand for complete digitization, the education sector must integrate e-signatures at both administrative and educational levels. By implementing digital signatures and other technologies, students and parents can undertake activities like accessing student data like loan, repayment information, signing forms and other documents etc.

Processes in education sector that can be digitized:

1. Student application process:

Most of the Education institutes these days provide online application portals. The students can digitally sign their application form and other documents.

2. Transcript Signing:

Students have to request colleges and then get signed and sealed transcripts to be sent to universities. This process takes time and involves costs. Digital signing of transcripts can reduce time and costs. (Digital signatures/ Aadhar signing)

3. Other use cases:

Following documents can be signed electronically:

  • Scholarship documents
  • Transfer requests
  • Financial aid documents
  • Progress reports
  • Change of course/ major forms
  • School leaving certificates
  • Any other form or document

Advantages of digital signatures for education sector:

  • Streamline the operations and processes:

With electronic signatures, education institutes can reduce paperwork in many areas like student applications, issuance of documents like transfer certificates, report cards etc. This will reduce the time and efforts involved in these processes.

  • Interact the way your students want:

Students are highly comfortable with the digital world, and wish to undertake all processes online

  • Achieve last mile in digitization at your Institution:

Many educational institutes have implemented systems to make their processes electronic, but last part remains paper based due to physical approvals

  • Cut Costs by Going Digital

Academic institutions are incurring needless costs and delay due to paper based processes


As per the latest guidelines released by CBSE, the Data of Registered Students and List of Candidates to be enrolled in the examination must be uploaded on the CBSE web portal using the Digital Signature of the Principal/Head of Institution.

The Digital Signature Certificate for CBSE School should contain the details of the school and the principal/headmaster, making the task of uploading the list of students easy and safe.


Documents Required For Digital Signature for CBSE Affiliation School


Below mentioned are the required documents to be submitted by any CBSE School for obtaining the DSC for CBSE;


·          School Principal/ Headmaster Pan card

·          Authorized Signatory Pan Card

·          Registration Certificate of Organization

·          Proof of authorized Signatory

·          Bank statement or GSTR 3b

·          Authorization letter

·          Email id and Mobile Number


Documents Required For DSC for Govt. Schools Affiliated to CBSE:


·          Authorized Signatory ID proof

·          Authorization Letter

·          Email id and mobile number



Process of Obtaining Digital Signature Certificate for CBSE School

We provide Class 3 DSC to principal and headmasters to upload the list of candidates in a hassle-free manner.

You can apply for a DSC for CBSE in a paperless manner utilizing the PAN based verification Paperless DSC.

The whole process is simple and enables you to download your DSC in just 15 minutes. After procurement of the DSC, you can download these certificates into the USB tokens.