Common Questions about the Digital Signature Certificate

Nowadays, the digital signature concept is gaining its reputation day by day, as a person is free from the risk of fraud. Today, DGFT digital signature is a useful tool for any individual or company to save it from fraud. Through this, you might avoid scan print and enjoy the legal and secure technology of India.

Indeed, it is the term of general public authority, as the use of digital signature India is widespread in human resources departments and administrations.

For getting the digital signature certificate, you need to connect with a good source of the digital signature provider. Before you go for a DSC signature, here are some common questions about the digital signature certificate:

  • Are digital signatures secured?

 Digital signatures are quite difficult to forge and secure to save your authorized sign because of asymmetric cryptography. A user has a private key (only the signatory knows) and a public key available to everyone; both are generated through a public key algorithm.

When a user could revoke the key’s trust through a compromise held by the Certification Authority (CA) that issues the certificates, it will be protected by strict security measures.

  • How does a digital signature work?

Digital signatures India are based on DSC certificates issued by Certificate Authorities (CA). Usually, the DSC certificates (whether class 2 or class 3) are used to bind the user’s digital identities to generate a key pair that contains data, for instance, the certificate expires date, user name and a copy of the public key.

The CA correspondence verifies every user’s identity; once it can carry out, a user can sign the documents through a digital certificate.

  • Can I trust the digital signature document?

 If any alteration in the document occurs, the class 3 digital signature will no longer be valid since the current hash doesn’t match the signed hash, as the document has been modified.

However, in case any indication occurs through which the user’s private key will be compromised (among other reasons); thus the DSC certificate can be revoked and a person can’t use it longer for signing.

  • But what kind of organizations uses digital signatures?

Multiple organizations use a digital signature, whether in the private or public sector, as it can be considered as the most suitable way to protect your identity. There are multiple benefits of using class iii digital signature. Legal and healthcare providers use the digital signatures disparately, and a person uses them according to India’s regulated law.

  • Why should I use the electronic signature instead of clicking on a check box to give my consent?

It is not mandatory to use the electronic signature, but the decision depends on the law’s level of enforceability and the security that you want to provide the transaction. The advanced electronic signatures to identify a user (signer) uniquely and case there is a judicial process. Using the electronic signature is a guarantee that you can prove that the customer or partner was the one who signed the contract or agreement.

We offer legally recognized digital signature certificates online to comply with regulations because it uses qualified digital certificates issued through its CA.