Establishing business in UAE is an excellent way to legitimately book international profits without paying any tax. Besides, there are no capital gains or personal income taxes in UAE.
Company formation in UAE is a reputable, regulated and international trading solution. It is appropriate to use as holding or Investment Company, and is an excellent, long-term option.
Clearlogics liaison with clients to set up their business in UAE. We handle the complete business formation process strategic recommendations, negotiations with local stakeholders, documentation formalities the entire assistance towards business floatation.

Free Zone companies in UAE

The strategic location of UAE is a prime reason that has prompted many businesses from around the world to set up their ventures in and around this country. UAE as a whole comprises of 7 emirates, out of which 5 have approximately 40 free zones in total. A free zone is a trade zone, which is independent by a certain degree of all the local government policies. Besides, these free zones offer businesses numerous other benefits as well, such as:
  • 100% business ownership with no need for involving a local partner
  • 100% repatriation of investments and profits
  • 100% tax exemption
  • Access to multi-currency bank accounts
  • Confidentiality assured all along
  • Liberal policies for bank account transactions
  • Opportunity to secure UAE residence visas
  • Viable business environment around all the free zones
  • Warehouse facilities along with virtual office facilities
A free zone is usually meant for carrying out a specific kind of business so you should only set up your business in the right free zone. You can check about this beforehand by speaking with our business setup consultants in UAE.

What ClearLogics Management Consultants offers

We, at ClearLogics, offer our clients end-to-end assistance with free zone company formation in UAE. Backed by a team of professional consultants who have years of expertise in company formation procedures help you from the very first step – ideation to the last step – the company inauguration! Our services include
  • Providing strategic inputs on identifying the suitable free zone area
  • Making all incorporation documents available
  • Getting name approvals and other ministerial approvals
  • Helping you open a bank account in UAE
  • Your local partner for all business registration and continuity
  • Auditing and bookkeeping
  • Providing assistance on feasibility and project reports for the new incorporations
  • Offering payroll services, recruitment, accounting and much more

UAE Free zone Company Registration

If you want to carry out the process of UAE free zone company registration, you have to first determine the kind of company you want to set up over here. For instance, yours could well be a new company, or could be a branch of an already established business based out of another location. If yours is a new business unit, you can go for:
  • Free Zone Company, which can have two to five business partners.
  • Free Zone Establishment, which can be owned by a sole proprietor
Both of these businesses can be processed for company registration in UAE free zone by foreign investors, who will not need any local business partners, which are otherwise necessary to start a company in UAE outside the free zone boundaries. You can get in touch with the local free zone company registration service provider to get more information about the same.

UAE Free zone Company Formation

Once you are through with the registration process, you will be ready to move on to UAE Free zone company formation. This process can further involve a number of phases, such as:
  • Business plan approval
  • Submission of essential documentation
  • Tenancy contract approval
  • Issuance of residence VISA along with Emirates ID
At ClearLogics Dubai, we always strive to deliver the best of services to our esteemed clients. With our end-to-end assistive services that are rendered directly by our professional consultants, you can be sure of getting guidance throughout the whole process. Our range of top-notch free zone company formation services comprise of:
  • Strategic inputs regarding identifying the most viable free zone
  • Arranging all the essential incorporation documents
  • Opening a bank account in UAE
  • Assistance with all of the auditing and bookkeeping tasks
  • Assistive services related to payroll, recruitment, accounting and more
  • You get a local partner for aid with business registration as well as continuity
If you have a question regarding company formation in UAE free zones, we will always be there to help you out at the earliest.

Free Zone Advantages

Free zone companies in UAE can avail the following advantages: –
  • 100% tax free
  • 100% ownership, no local national involvement required
  • 100% repatriation of profits and investments
  • Liberal bank account opening and maintaining
  • Multi currency bank accounts
  • Confidentiality
  • Warehouse facilities & virtual office facilities
  • Common facilities at free zones
  • Offers UAE residence visas
  • Attractive business environments and user-friendly free zone authorities
  • Quick incorporation – 3-4 working days
  • Warehouse facilities & virtual office facilities are easily available Offers UAE residence visas
  • No restrictions on currency
  • No bureaucratic red-tape

Limited Liability Companies

Of all the forms of companies that can be established in the UAE, as provided for in the Federal Law, Limited Liability Company is the most common and easy to establish form. Also known as a company with limited liability, it is a flexible type of enterprise that amalgamates the features of a partnership and corporate structure.
The rules defining LLC company formation UAE as well as the steps involved are comparatively simple. According to the general rule for LLC company formation in Dubai and other six Emirates, it can be formed by a minimum of two and a maximum of fifty people whose liability shall be limited to their shares in the company’s capital. Furthermore, being a flexible form of company, differential profit sharing arrangement is also possible in an LLC. The company must have 51% participation from a UAE national while the rest 49% can remain with the investor.
Hence, the formal shareholding pattern for an LLC is as follows
  • Local Partner (UAE sponsor) – 51%
  • Foreign Shareholder(s) – 49%
Moreover, either the UAE national or the foreign partner must be granted the authority of managing the operations of the organization.

Capital requirement for a LLC company formation

At present, the minimum capital requirement for a LLC company formation UAE is 300 thousand dirhams which can be in cash or in kind. It is also important to note that the capital must be divided into equal shares with the value of each not being less than thousand dirhams. Furthermore, as stipulated in the Companies Law, LLC can engage in any kind of business activity except to activities relating to banking, money investing on behalf of others and insurance.

LLCs in Dubai

Forming a LLC in Dubai gives foreign investors a host of advantages, thus making LLC the most popular of the legal forms of entry to Dubai. Though the foreign equity of the company cannot exceed 49 %, but the profit and the losses incurred in the operations are shared in a ratio that is different than that of the share capital ratios, and the day to day activities can easily be undertaken by the foreign venture without the interference of the local UAE partner.
The formation of an LLC offers the entrepreneurs access to the wider UAE economy along with the Dubai market, and is 100 % tax free. Dubai also offers an investor’s status to the partners in the company and they can also bring along their families, obtaining visas for which is an easy process.

What are the benefits of a LLC company formation ?

A limited liability company in UAE offers seamless access to the wider Emirates economies. The following are benefits of establishing LLC in UAE: –
  • 100% tax free
  • 49% of foreign ownership. However, the profits and losses can be shared in a ratio different from shared capital
  • 100% repatriation of profits and capital
  • Investor becomes partner in the company
  • Liberal bank account opening and maintaining
  • Easy to open global corporate bank accounts
  • The investor can commence branches
  • The company is eligible to hold limitless offices or properties in UAE
  • LLC offers UAE residence visa to the investors

How to form LLC in Dubai?

In order to establish a LLC in Dubai, six basic steps must be followed: –
  • Choose a company name which will be used to conduct business activities and apply for an approval from the Licensing Department of the Emirates you plan to setup a company in.
  • Frame a Memorandum of Association (MoA) of the company and duly get it attested by a Notary Public.
  • Get an approval of the Economic Department along with the entry in the Commercial Register.
  • Once the approval has been granted, a formal entry of the company is made in the Company Register followed by publication of company’s MoA in the Bulletin of the Economy and Commerce Ministry.
  • A license is then issued by the Economic Department to the company.
  • Finally, the company is registered with the authorized industry and commerce department.

What ClearLogics offers?

At ClearLogics Management Consultants, we offer the most comprehensive LLC formation and consultation in Dubai. Our services include:
  • Identifying a local UAE national as sponsor
  • Assisting in identifying suitable office space
  • Securing all the approvals and incorporation procedures
  • Providing assistance in opening bank accounts
  • Offering full spectrum support service
  • Helping in arranging residence visa for the investor

Offshore company formation, UAE

The benefits of UAE offshore company formation
Although tax effectiveness is the most important advantage of setting up an offshore company, there are a number of other benefits as well. These benefits include:
  • Minimization of taxes
  • Confidentiality
  • Reduced administration
  • Asset protection
  • Lower setup and maintenance costs
  • Lower capital requirement
As mentioned, there are a number of advantages involved when it comes to setting up an offshore company in Dubai. In fact, UAE has always attracted entrepreneurs for its tax free business territory status, confidentiality, operations, and the ease that comes into the running of the business, hence making the offshore company setup in Dubai one of the most popular ways of business. Whether your company is a multinational firm or a small business, the excellent and efficient business environment along with the strategic location of the Dubai offshore companies lets you enjoy the benefit of tax relaxations regardless of the size of your company. The advantages of offshore company formation, Dubai are as follows:
  • Completely tax free and customs duty free
  • Full ownership, no local national involvement required
  • Complete repatriation of profits and investments
  • Thorough confidentiality
  • Ideal for any kind of international business
  • No office space requirements
  • Liberal bank account opening and maintaining
  • Bank accounts that support multiple currencies
  • Quick incorporation – 2-3 working days
Besides all the advantages that have already been mentioned, one of the most important benefits of setting up offshore companies in Dubai is that the country offers businesses the freedom to run their operations with its well- known jurisdictions system which is a relief in the process. This helps you avoid the tedious process of documentation that one has to go through in Ministries of Foreign Affairs and embassies.

Why choose offshore consultancy services?

When you set up an offshore company in Dubai, you can be assured that the country will provide you with a business climate that is very favourable to entrepreneurs and is also conducive to growth. However, before you may jump in the fray and goes for offshore company formation in Dubai, there are of course a few factors that you must consider. Setting up an offshore company, be it in the UAE or in any other part of the world, significantly depends on the rules & regulations and the culture prevailing in the region. It becomes of prime importance for businesses to be able to identify, understand, and consequently deal with all the possible issues that could plague their Dubai offshore company formations. Setting up a business in a new country needs thorough research about the business environment of a particular country and subsequent planning to set up the business.
This is where offshore company formation services can help you with your offshore company setup in Dubai.

What ClearLogics Dubai offers

ClearLogics Management Consultancy offers one of the best offshore consultancy services, Dubai. With a knowledgeable staff dedicated to provide customers with the best possible services, ClearLogics assures the provision of comprehensive solutions in helping you set up offshore companies, Dubai. Available through all modes of communication, our team is there to guide you through all the steps of your Dubai offshore company formation.

Our Services

ClearLogics management provides businesses with all professional services related to each and every step that is taken in the process of the formation of an offshore company in Dubai. Once entrusted with this task, ClearLogics management ensures that not only are all the regulations are well complied with, but also that the entire process is carried out smoothly and efficiently, and that too without any hiccups. Services by ClearLogics Management Consultancy include:
  • Facility of Registered Office with PO Box in Dubai.
  • Acting as your Registered agent in Dubai
  • Getting Memorandum and Articles of Association prepared
  • Preparation of registration forms
  • Incorporation certificate
  • Assistance in Opening multi-currency bank account in Dubai
  • Registrar of Companies filing

License renewal

Local rules do not apply on the governance of offshore companies. They are instead governed by international law. This ensures that your assets as a business are offered full protection with no taxation and money repatriation. All these and more are what make offshore companies the best suggested method for all international business.