Digital Signature with Encryption

Digital signature certificates are a way to prove that a document has not been tampered with. They work by creating a digital signature for each person who signs the document, so that it cannot be forged or altered without the private key of that individual. The certificate itself is called an attestation, and can be used in conjunction with other security measures such as encryption and digital signatures.

Digital signature certificates provide three benefits:

They provide proof to anyone reading your email or PDF file that you were the source of those documents — not a third party who might have had access to them

They help protect your identity since only an authorized person can generate one from their own personal key pair (i.e., one which they control) and use it for signing other documents

They offer added security against tampering by making all changes visible on any copy of the document (i.e., if someone wants to change something about your signed message, he or she would first have to delete all copies before making new ones).

What is Digital Signature with Encryption

 It is also called combo DSC, it has two certificates, one is for signing a document is called a signature certificate and the other is for encrypting data which is called an encryption certificate. These certificates provide higher security to the data and documents in online transactions. It is the most reliable and secure digital signature certificate. It is mainly used on e-procurement portals, E-tenders, icegate, and Bidding websites. DSC is mainly used by Contractors, vendors, Bidders, and organizations.

Digital Signature with Encryption Certificate: It is a Class 3 Combo Certificate. Class 3 is the highest level secure DSC and it mostly uses on all government portals for validation and authentication of the user. It has Signing and encrypt certificates. Most of the E-tendering and E-procurements portals demands both Sign and Encrypt Certificates. Sign certificates for data authentication and document signatures while encryption certificates encrypt data in transactions. It converts the data into an encrypted format so that no one can crack this online data. It is the best DSC for Venders, Contractors, Bidders, and Organizations.

 Key Points of Combo Certificate

·         Class 3 Signing and Encryption Certificate

·         Best for Online Tenders, Bidding and e-Procurements

·         It is a Multipurpose DSC

·         Best for Document and Invoice Signing.

·         It is best for GST, ITR, MCA, EPF, and Trademark filing.

·         Best for Venders, Bidders, Contractors, and Organizations.