Why Digital Signature and Digital Signature Certificate?

A digital signature is a technique used to validate the authenticity of a message, software, confidential information or digital document. It’s a kind of digitally handwritten signature or stamped seal, but it offers far more security and privacy. A digital signature is meant to solve the problem of fraudulent in digital communications.

Digital signature Certificate can provide evidence of identity, origin, and status of electronic documents, transactions or digital messages. Finding a reliable DSC provider can be a challenging task sometimes, but to your relief, ClearLogics Management Consultants, a DSC agency in Kerala is trusted and reputed online DSC provider. Visit www.clearlogics.in  and get your hands on the service now.

How do digital signatures work?

  • Digital signatures are based on public key cryptography, also known as asymmetric cryptography
  • Using a public key algorithm, such as RSA (Rivest-Shamir-Adleman), two keys are generated, creating a mathematically linked pair of keys, one private and one public.
  • Digital signatures work through public key cryptography’s two mutually authenticating cryptographic keys. 
  • The individual who creates the digital signature uses a private key to encrypt signature-related data, while the only way to decrypt that data is with the signer’s public key
  • If the recipient can’t open the document with the signer’s public key, that’s a sign there’s a problem with the document or the signature. This is how digital signatures are authenticated.

What are the benefits of digital signatures?

Security features used in digital signatures include the following:

  • Personal identification numbers (PINs), passwords and codes. 
  •  Asymmetric cryptography. 
  • Checksum
  • Cyclic redundancy checks (CRC). 
  • Certificate authority (CA) validation. 
  • Trust service provider (TSP) validation. 

Uses for digital signatures

Industries that use digital signature Certificates include the following:

  • Government. 
  • Healthcare. 
  • Manufacturing. 
  • Financial services. 
  • Crypto currencies. 


Below are five important reasons why having a digital signature is a brilliant idea for your business:

1. Fast turnaround

Employees at DSC companies have to undergo several steps to sign and return an e-mail received document. With the help of this technique, any type of DSC could be easily signed just by a click. It saves a lot of time of both the employee as well as the user.

2. Cost savings

Initially it would cost a bit (digitalization) but gradually you will end up saving money. Using a DSC, sending paper documents are not required, so printing and delivery/shipping charges costs will decrease. Other indirect costs such as tracking or filing or archiving or sundry expenses would also go down. It will eventually help in cutting down on environmental waste.

3. Workflow efficiency

There is no provision for delay and also it ensures better efficiency in workflow. Managing and tracking documents and papers is now easier and even faster. Process duration is reduced which usually took months. Organizing and searching for the documents and information is easier too as there is no physical paper

4. Strengthen security

A DSC reduces the risk of fraudulent like alteration or duplication of documents and even ensures that the signatures are verified and original. The users/signers are provided with passwords and PINs and codes that verify their identity and approve the signature. 

5. Increase storage space

The fact that digital files/documents are stored safely in virtual servers protected with the IT network or in the cloud, you don’t need to keep it your office storage stuffed with paper files and your office can have more space for other things as physical documents occupy a lot of space and increases the usage of paper, which is not good due to its environmental bad impact.