How a Digital Signature Certificate Can Benefit Your Business


With the advent of technology and time, everything has become digitized. The world no longer runs on physical or paper documents and certificates. In fact over 60% of businesses use digital documents. In here, we will discuss digital signatures that hold significance for multiple organizations, their clients, and customers. An electronic signature refers to the e-signature that complies with legal regulations and provides assurance of the signer’s identity. The term ‘digital signature’ indicates the acceptance of an online record or agreement. Now, the question is – who ensures the signer’s identity and provides security? The answer is a digital signature certificate (DSC).

What Do You Mean by a Digital Signature Certificate?

A digital signature certificate (DSC) is in an electronic format and is equivalent to paper or physical certificates. The certificate acts as a secure digital key issued by certifying authorities to validate the person’s identity who holds the document. So, the certification process uses public-key encryptions to create signatures.

Multiple agencies and organizations have adopted the digital certificate as a statutory requirement for various applications. The certificate also helps individuals and organizations secure legally valid online transactions.

Types of Digital Signature Certificates

You will find three types of Digital Signature Certificate.

– Sign

You can use a sign DSC to sign documents like PDF files for MCA, tax returns, and other websites. If you sign via DSC, the certification assures the signer’s integrity and the data. So, a sign DSC is proof of unaltered and untampered data.

– Encrypt

You can use an encrypted DSC to code a document. Most organizations use the certificate to encrypt documents and upload them to tender portals. You can also use the certificate to send classified information. Encrypt DSC gets used for legal documentation, e-commerce documents, and sharing confidential information.

– Sign and Encrypt

You can sign and encrypt documents using the Sign and Encrypt DSC. The certificate is convenient for users who must authenticate and maintain the confidentiality of shared information. You can use the Sign and Encrypt DSC to fill out forms and applications.

How Can a Digital Signature Certificate Help Your Business ?

 Digital signature certificates ensure that sensitive documentation is secured and shared with authorized users. Data breaches are common in business and cost a lot of money. So, organizations consider it vital to protect their data. So, a digital signature certificate helps organizations keep their data and documentation secure and ensure no one tampers with sensitive information. Boost your efficiency by automating both internal and client-facing signatures and approvals with digital signature online.

Here is how a digital signature certificate can help run your business better.

It Helps Prevent Fraud Digital certificates ensure that the user or sender is who they say they are. The system assures that unauthenticated user cannot defraud others by pretending to be someone else within the organization.

It Helps Prevent Unauthorized Access Businesses must prevent data from getting accessed by unauthorized individuals. A data compromise may result in a stolen identity or losing sensitive business information. So, digital signature certificates prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing data and information.

It Helps Run Your Business Smoothly Digital certificates are the best way to protect information without much time commitment. So, businesses do not have to take extensive steps to secure document exchanges or organize meetings and appointments.

It Helps Create an Audit Trail Digital certificates include encryption processes that help business organizations identify who signed the documents, how they got altered, who can access them, and other relevant information. So, businesses can have complete control over documentation using digital signature certificates.