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Jul - 2019

You can respond to tax notice by logging in to

You can respond to tax notice by logging in to

Different types of notices can be found under options on the dashboard in your account. Types of notices and how to respond to them.

131(1A) What is it for?
Assessing officer suspects you have concealed income.

How to respond

If you are unable to gather all the documents sought, send whatever you have within the deadline, along with an application seeking more time.

139(9) What is it for?

Notice for defective return if wrong form is filled, or income details of a refund claim are missing, or there are multiple mistakes in filing.

How to respond

Respond within 15 days. Under ‘e-File’, select ‘e-File in response to Notice u/s 139(9)’ to proceed.

143(1) What is it for?

Demand notice for additional tax or other required changes if there is a calculation error or incorrect information.

How to respond

Respond within 30 days. Find the notice under ‘e-Proceeding'.

148 What is it for?

For reassessment if some income has escaped assessment. A case up to six years can be reopened under this.

How to respond- File a return of the income being asked. Ask for a copy of the reasons for issuing the notice if you want to contest the notice.

156 What is it for?

Demand notice for due tax, interest, fine or penalty to be paid by the assessee.

How to respond -Pay dues within 30 days. Go to ‘e-File’ and then click on ‘Respond To Outstanding Demand’ to pay.


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